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Sweeting's Cosmetology & Braiding Institute (SCBI)

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Sweeting's Cosmetology & Braiding Institute different from other cosmetology schools?

SCBI is the only school in Davidson County that offers the Natural Hair Styling Program. If you choose the Full Cosmetology Program, you will get a bonus with intense training in Natural Hair. If your interest is only Natural Hair, you can become a Natural Hair Stylist in eight (8) weeks through the Natural Hair Styling Program. SCBI also offers an intimate setting with smaller class sizes which provides for a more personal training experience.

Is financial assistance provided?

The Full Cosmetology Program requires $500 down, $500 on the first day of class and monthly payments of $250 through a third party finance company. The Natural Hair Program requires $1,000.00 down, $500.00 due the first day of Class and a weekly payment of $172.00. Military Benefits Accepted (GI Bill etc...)

Why is financial assistance only provided during part time hours for the Natural Hair Care Program?

Financial assistance is only available during part time hours to ensure that the tuition is paid in full upon completion of the course. Therefore, there will not be any debt owed upon finishing. Please keep in mind, NO hours will be released if your account is in default.

What is the morning and evening class schedule?

Morning class is 8:00 am - 4:30 pm. The evening schedule is 5:00 pm - 9:00 pm. The school is closed on Wednesday and Sunday. We take new strudents on Mondays.

What can you tell me about your Instructors?

All of our Instructors have salon experience. They are also encouraged to take yearly continuing education classes. They are well versed in the cosmetology industry.

What is the completion and passing rate of your school?

We have a 100% completion rate. All students that enrolled in our programs have completed the course. We have a 95% passing rate of students who have applied for testing.

I have never braided before, will I learn how to braid?

Our director guarantees that all students enrolled will learn how to braid.

If I enroll in the Natural Hair Styling Program and decide to take the Full Cosmetology Program, what is the transfer process?

Only 100 hours from your Natural Hair Styling Program can be transferred towards the Full Cosmetology Program.

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