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Sweeting’s Cosmetology & Braiding Institute Online

Frequently Asked Questions

(Natural Hair Styling Program)

1. How much is tuition for the online Natural Hair Styling program?

The tuition is $3000    $4000 if you are out of State

2. How will I do my practical hours?

You will be given 2 mannequins, and various bundles of hair, and a outline of various braiding techniques to complete

3. What do I do if I can't find someone to practice on? If you can’t find someone to practice on, the two mannequins provided in your kit will substitute for a live person.

4. How am I going to learn the braiding techniques? The online program provides instructional videos that give step-by-step instruction by Mrs. Sweeting on the proper braiding techniques.

5. Where do I get the hair from to practice? Hair will be provided in the natural hair styling kit.

6. What if after I look at the video I cannot do the technique? You can contact an instructor at the school during business hours and via webcam, Face Time, or some other social media outlet, a time will be established to meet for instruction. You can also set up an appointment for one-on-one training with an instructor.

7. How will I get my kit? An on-campus orientation is mandatory in order to receive your Natural Hair Styling kit and password to the online curriculum.

8. How long do I have to finish the program? Although the Tennessee Board of Cosmetology allows seven (7) years to complete your Natural Hair Styling hours, you will have six (6) month to complete your 300 Natural Hair Styling hours at SCBI. After (6) months, your hours will be retained, but you will be purged from our system and put on a waiting list for an available opening. There will be a reinstatement fee to reapply for our Natural Hair School.

9. When I finish my hours at your Natural Hair School where do I take my test for licensure? If you live in Tennessee, you will call PSI (testing agency) to schedule your test for licensure. If you live outside the State of Tennessee you will notify your State Board of Cosmetology to schedule your test.

10. How much is the Natural Hair Styling test? Within the State of Tennessee, the test for theory is $70 and the test for practical is $70. The Natural Hair Styling license is $50 (You must apply for the license within 6 months from the date you passed your test.)

11. What do I need to do if I started at another cosmetology school and wanted to transfer hours to the Natural Hair School in Tennessee? Your school has to complete transfer papers and release your hours. After you have been cleared, only 100 hours of Cosmetology can be used towards your Natural Hair Styling Program. Your transfer hours will not change the cost of the tuition ($5000).

12. How do I get my monthly hours? Your monthly hours will be traced and verified thru the school tracking device and sent in to the State board of cosmetology monthly,

13. What Natural Hair Styling techniques are required to complete the Natural Hair Styling Program? On the day of the Mandatory Orientation, you will be given an outline of all required techniques.

14. How do I know that my state (if outside the State of Tennessee) will accept my hours from your school? Prior to enrolling in the Natural Hair School in Tennessee, it is recommended that you contact the State Board of Cosmetology in your state to determine if SCBI's hours are transferable to your state.

15. What if I don't have a computer but I want to take the online Natural Hair Styling curriculum because of the flexibility of hours? If you live in Tennessee, our Natural Hair School is open from 9am to 9 pm every day except Wednesdays and Sundays. You are welcome to come in; you will have access to our computer lab at no charge.

16. Do you offer financial aid for the Natural Hair Styling program? There is no financial aid available. We now offer all of our Theory classes on line. Once you enroll, You have access to all of the information within the 120 Hrs. Sorry No payments plan available. You work at your own pace. You can log on 7days a week as often as you like

17. What makes your online Natural Hair School of Braiding different from other braiding training sites found online? SCBI is the only APPROVED Braiding School through the State Board of Cosmetology. Unlike other schools that give you a certificate of completion, SCBI prepares you for testing through the State Board of Cosmetology so that you can receive your License. A License will allow you to open up your own business.

18. What are the qualifications of your teachers at SCBI? All of our teachers are licensed through the State of Tennessee Cosmetology Board and have completed a licensed cosmetology program approved by the Board.

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