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 Sweeting's Cosmetology Braiding Curriculum

120 Hrs. Theory 180 Hrs. Practical

Chapter 1- History and Career Opportunities- Why Study natural Hair Care and Braiding History and Career Opportunities , Brief History of Natural Hair Care and Braiding, Career path for natural Hair Stylist

Chapter 2- Infection Control Principles and Practices- Why Study Infection Control Principles and Practices, Regulatory Guidelines for Health Control, Infectious

Diseases, Principles of Prevention and Control, How to Use Antiseptics and Disinfectants, Universal Precautions, Salon Wellness professional Salon Image

Chapter 3- Basic Principles for Personal and Professional Success -Why Study basic Principal for Personal and Professional Success, life Skills, Goal Setting, Time Management, Ethics, Personality Development and Attitude, Building Client Trust Through Touch, maintain a Professional Attitude, Preparing Clients for the Natural Hair Care Service, Nurturing the Clients Total Well Being

Chapter 4- The Professional Consultation- Why Study the Professional Consultation, Communicating and Establishing the Client Journey, The natural Hair Stylist: Determining your Signature Look, The Client Journey, Redefining the Clients Perception of beauty, Types of Facial Structures, Consultation Basic

Chapter 5- Hair Types, Structure, and Textural Differences- Why Study Hair Types, Structure and Textural Differences, the Hair Structure, hair Shaft Structure, Chemical Composition of Hair, Hair Types and Textures Properties, reference Guide for Natural Hair Textures, Hair Analysis and Qualities, hair Growth Cycles, phases of Hair Growth, Structural Differences of Textural Hair.

Chapter 6- Hair and Scalp Diseases and Disorders- Why Study Hair and Scalp Diseases and Disorders, Hair Loss and Your Client, Scalp and Hair Disorders and Treatments

Chapter 7- Basic Anatomy, Physiology, and Nutrition- Why Study Basis Anatomy, Physiology, and Nutrition, Anatomy Physiology, Eleven Main Body Systems and their Functions, Nourishment from Within to Produce Healthy Hair, Nutrition and Maintaining Healthy Hair

Chapter 8- Shampoos, Conditioners, Herbal treatments and Rinses-Why Study Shampoos, Conditioners, Herbals Treatment and Rinses, Shampooing Coiled and Curly Hair, Shampooing Braids / Twist, Removing Braids and twist, Selecting the best Cleansing and Nurturing

Chapter 9- Textured Hair Is Manageable- Why Textured Hair, What is Grooming, A New Natural, A Paradigm Shift in Beauty, Tools of the Craft, Combing and Sectioning, the Proper Way To Handle and Detangle the Hair, Blow Drying Textured hair, Thermal Heat Services, An Alternative Look for Natural Hair, Preparing the Hair for Braiding

Chapter !0 - Natural Hair and Braid Sculpting Techniques- Why Study natural Hair and Braid Sculpting Techniques, Protective Transitional Stylings versus the Big Chop, Textured Styles and Braiding terms, Final Reflections

Natural Hair Styles (Practical 180 Hours )

Beginner braids, Plaits, Box Braids, Crochet Braids, Kinky Twist, Senegelese Twist, Nubian Twist, Havanna Twist, Nubi Nubi Twist, Comb Twist, Starter Locs, Interlocking, Cornrows, Children's Braids with beads, Coils, Sew in, Hair Bonding, Braiding Patterns for Sew in, Visible Braids, Invisible Braids, and more.....

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